Focus of current research:

  • Child, adolescent, and life course developmental psychopathology.
  • Evidence-based psychological treatments for emotion dysregulation, depression, anxiety, and traumatic stress.
  • Refugee and immigrant youth mental health.
  • Social justice and multicultural psychology.
  • Close relationship processes (e.g., conflict) associated with mental health risk and resilience.
  • Adolescent development and puberty.
  • Psychological components of improvisation and utility for treatment development and delivery.


My current research is based within the Refugee Trauma and Resilience Center at Boston Children’s Hospital directed by Dr. Heidi Ellis. To date, my program of research focuses on how exposure to youth adversity (e.g., abuse, neglect, interpersonal conflict, oppression, marginalization, invalidation) impacts psychological symptoms, stress physiology, and coping (cognitive and behavioral) across childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood.

A key goal of this work is to further clarify the processes that influence the onset and maintenance of depression, anxiety, emotion dysregulation, and traumatic stress during the complex developmental period of adolescence. In doing so, this work can help inform the testing and dissemination of psychosocial and behavioral interventions for youth and families.

In my research I work to incorporate a multiculturally sensitive and socially critically conscious framework so that scholarship may be relevant and applied effectively to youth and families who are traditionally underserved.

Psychological research is a team effort and I’m incredibly fortunate to collaborate with a large group of scientists and clinicians at multiple academic institutions.

Researcher profile at Boston Children’s Hospital

Many of my published academic articles can be found on:

ResearchGate  and/or Google Scholar