Focus of Current Research

My program of research and clinical innovation is based within the Refugee Trauma and Resilience Center (RTRC) at Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. The RTRC is directed by Dr. Heidi Ellis and our overarching mission is to support the healthy adjustment of immigrant and refugee youth and families living in North America. More specifically, key areas of work include:

(1) Better understanding the etiological and contextual factors that influence risk and resilience among of refugee and immigrant youth.

(2) Building and testing psychological tools, programs, and interventions to support refugee and immigrant youth, families, and communities build healthy and resilient lives.

(3) Fostering effective dissemination and implementation of multidisciplinary teams and behavioral health infrastructure for community-embedded sustainability.

Psychological research, especially community-based participatory research and social justice focused clinical psychology, are a team effort. I’m incredibly fortunate to collaborate with a large group of scientists, clinicians, administrators, community members and leaders, and stakeholders at multiple institutions.

Researcher profile at Boston Children’s Hospital

Grant Funding and Support

In 2020 I am currently Principal Investigator of a grant funded by a Thrasher Research Fund Early Career Award. Additionally, I am currently an investigator on several others grants including a center grant funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service (National Child Traumatic Stress Network, PI = Heidi Ellis), and Public Safety Canada (PI = Heidi Ellis). Previously I was an investigator on grants funded by the U.S. Department of Justice (PI = Heidi Ellis), the U.S. Department of Defense (PI = Heidi Ellis) and the National Crime Prevention Centre in Canada (PI = Saida Abdi).

Published Papers

Research and clinical innovation that I have authored or co-authored has appeared in a diverse range of academic journals and books including: Journal of Family Psychology; the Behavior Therapist; Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology; Journal of Child and Family Studies; Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging; Studies in Conflict & Terrorism; and the Massachusetts General Hospital Textbook on Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity in Mental Health, among others.

Research and clinical innovation that I have authored or co-authored has also been cited by authors publishing in a diverse range of academic journals including: Psychological Bulletin; Development and Psychopathology; the New England Journal of Medicine; American Psychologist; Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology; Journal of Affective Disorders; Clinical Psychological Science; International Journal of Cognitive Therapy; Developmental Psychobiology, among others.

Most of my published academic articles can be found on:

ResearchGate  and/or Google Scholar

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